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Serena Davies studied her reflection in the mirror with apprehension. After much research on the BDSM lifestyle she had chosen her outfit with care and she hoped fervently that she looked the part.


She had to trust that her appearance didn’t look too Dominatrix-like as she didn’t want to find herself thrust into a BDSM scene—if that happened she would have no idea what to do and she had determined that it would be much safer to give the impression of a submissive. Given her total inexperience in the BDSM world she figured that acting like a submissive would come relatively easily.


Once again she had to give herself mental encouragement by remembering the exposé she would write regarding the BDSM lifestyle. Yes, dressing up and acting like a submissive would be well worth the effort to gain the experience and inside knowledge necessary to write her story.


Her destination that evening was Club Erebus—Erebus, meaning darkness, a very appropriate name considering it was a Sydney BDSM club infamous for its dark kink and even darker clientele. Of course no BDSM club in the world would willingly admit a journalist through its doors and Club Erebus only allowed entry by an introduction through another member so she had called in a favour from a friend who was in the scene. She had kept the real reason for her visit to herself and given her friend the same cover story that she intended to use whilst in the club—that she was a closet submissive hoping to test the BDSM waters.


* * * *


Aaron Blue was sprawled on one of the Club Erebus bed-like sofas as he half-heartedly watched an animal play scene where a Dom had his sub acting like a pony. Aaron’s long legs were thrown out in front of him and crossed at the ankles, and he nursed his second Scotch and dry, having already decided not to play that evening. As he gazed at the naked woman on all fours he was surprised and more than a little unnerved to realise that the scene before him was not remotely arousing him—an occurrence that was happening too frequently of late. As a Dominant, watching the humiliation of a submissive should be sexually stimulating but instead he was feeling nothing but boredom. 

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