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Book Recipes

On this page you can find recipes for dishes that appear in my books. 

Candy Canes and Cuffs: Sold to the Billionaire

Cheesy Christmas Wreath

This is an easy dish to prepare and looks  festive on the table. It's also great for entertaining.

Cheesy Christmas Wreath.jpg


150g brie cheese

150g creamy blue cheese

1/4 cup of pistachio dukkah

1 bunch rosemary , cut into sprigs

1/2 packet rice crackers (seaweed works well)

1/2 packet cranberry and sunflower seed crackers

1 packet cheese twists

100g green marinated olives

1 x tub sun-dried tomatoes


Use a sharp, wet knife to cut the cheese into 8 wedges. Press one side of each cheese wedge into dukkah and set it aside.

On a large round platter, arrange sprigs of rosemary in a circle. Top with crackers, placing cheese twists in between to form a wreath. Arrange cheese wedges on crackers and place olives and sun-dried tomatoes around the cheese.

Serve and enjoy!

Under His Dominance

Spooky Jack-O-lantern

This is more of an idea than a recipe and I have a very good friend to thank for it. She prepared it for her Halloween party. I referred to a mini version of this in my book.

Pumpkin 2.JPG

Carve a cool "about to vomit"  face into a pumpkin and use your favourite guacamole recipe to act as the "vomit".

Serve with a range of crisps.

Rat Food

Another great Halloween idea from my friend! Find a Halloween skeleton rat, pop a wedge of cheese into its mouth, and use it to decorate a cheese platter.

Rat food.JPG
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