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Roses Are Red - Excerpt


Rhett studied Lucy over the rim of his glass. She was gorgeous. She reached for her folder and opened it, studying the images inside and glancing around his office. Her tongue crept out of her beautifully plump mouth and she licked her bottom lip in concentration. When she recrossed her right leg over her left, he caught a glimpse of a garter belt as her skirt rode up her thigh. The sight of that racy piece of lace sent a scorching heat straight through him. Fuck, she wore suspenders. How fucking hot. There was something extremely erotic and enticing about the fact that she wore sexy lingerie under her business attire. She was like a present that he wanted to unwrap, desperate to get to the satin and lace underneath.


Suddenly the air in his office grew heavy. He reached up and undid the top button of his collar and loosened his tie. He decided then and there that he had to have her. He hadn’t missed her obvious interest in him over lunch, and unless his radar was off, he was pretty certain that she found him attractive too.


She stood and walked over to his desk, running her hand over the woodgrain before studying the window behind it.


Rhett made his way slowly towards her. He knew he was playing with fire. His father would be furious if he fucked things up with Lucy Whiticker. He understood that Robert Hunter wanted this decorator above all others, and if he, Rhett, scared her off by coming on to her, Robert would never let him hear the end of it. But he had to try. He knew that he wouldn’t sleep. He expected that her image would haunt his dreams and fantasies and he would torture himself with imagining how she tasted, how she would look when she orgasmed and what her body would feel like beneath his.


He drew level with her and pressed his front against her back before he leant down to whisper in her ear, “I’m jealous of the way you are caressing my desk right now.”




Lucy jumped at the unexpected contact. Rhett’s body was definitely as hard as it looked. His powerful solidity enveloped her and his warmth flooded through her when he pressed his chest to her back. Her breath stuttered and her heart rate hammered. When she didn’t move, he brought his hand up to caress the length of her arm. His breath tickled her ear, sending goose bumps flaring across her flesh and making her nipples pebble into hard points.


“Turn around, Lucy,” he demanded, his voice low and husky.


She spun about and looked up at him. He was tall—she guessed him to be six foot two—and in such close proximity, he towered over her much shorter five-foot-five frame.She licked her bottom lip, a nervous habit, and shivered when he rubbed his thumb over the spot where her tongue had just been.


“You love licking this lip,” he murmured. “I want to lick it after you.”


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